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76% of Fire Door inspections in 2019 were deemed not fit for purpose!

Jun 18, 2020

100,000 Fire Door inspections were done in the the UK in 2019. Over 2,700 buildings were inspected, under the FDIS, and 76% of fire Doors were deemed not fit for purpose!

This figure, although shocking to most, is sadly not surprising to us! Our installers come across this on a regular basis, and according to the reports on building fire safety as a whole, the doors were just one aspect!

Most fire door failures come from incorrect installation, rather than the doors themselves. Gaps being left around the door, inadequate smoke seals or drop seals and the use of foam that is not compatible, are just some installation errors. Then there’s the ironmongery, including door closers, that need to be fitted correctly otherwise the fire door itself serves no purpose.

Maintenance is another growing issue. Installing a fire door correctly at the beginning of a new project or a refurbishment is not enough to maintain the safety standard of the door. Regular checks need to be done to ensure the door maintains the standard as regular wear and tear can cause problems, especially doors that are in high traffic areas.

We cannot stress the importance of using certified Fire Door installers. Cutting corners when it comes to safety should never been considered. Our installers hold the BM Trada Certification so you can ensure that any door installed by Stemko Group will be fitted correctly and will perform to standard.

Fire safety in a building ultimately comes down to overall fire strategy rather than just the doors themselves. Of course the doors purpose is to prevent the spread of fire and cold smoke from one part of a building to another, but if the rest of the building isn’t considered, the doors cannot play their important role in holding back fire and smoke to ensure occupants can get out of the building before a fire gets out of control!

Fire kills! Safety should be the main priority when it comes to Fire Door installation.