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Acoustic Doors

Nov 11, 2020

What is an acoustic door?

An acoustic door is designed to minimise sound passing from one room to the next when closed. They are manufactured with special insulation in the core to break up soundwaves. The doors are also sealed along the edges providing an additional level of sound insulation. They create an airtight seal along the door edge when closed to ensure sounds does not escape.

Where are acoustic doors used?

Acoustic doors are commonly used in many residential projects but Stemko specialise in acoustic doors in the commercial project sector. Some examples of where acoustic doors are a used would be GP treatment rooms, military projects, police interview rooms, office meeting rooms and libraries.

How do they work?

When sound waves hit an acoustic door, it is muffled by the specifically manufactured inner core which is shaped in such a way that to break up and absorb the sound waves. The seal is also designed to prevent sound from passing easily, weakening it before it can pass through.

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