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Construction industry pride!

Feb 21, 2020

The construction industry is one of the largest employers in the UK but it gets some pretty bad press, in fact, the industry only ever seems to make news if it is something negative, such as, health and safety issues, accidents, the collapse of a large construction company or for malpractices. We never hear the construction industry being praised for their amazing contribution to the UK economy.

Impacting our lives positively!

Construction plays such an important role to us all every day, education, technology, employment, social, leisure, it’s just so massive! Some of the results of construction really are visually amazing from London Bridge and the Eiffel Tower to The Bank of China, myself and the team here at Stemko Group are proud to be a part of it.

The industry is not perceived in the same way from the outside though. Complaints about noisy and disruptive works and the cost and damage to the environment, but I really want to urge people to take more time to see the positives, such as bigger and better schools and universities, more homes to get the next generation on the property ladder, improved transport links and commercial offices being built, thus, creating new employment opportunities and helping people get back into work.

I think we need to create a positive image of our industry in the articles we write, we should be excited about the projects we are involved with and showcase the end results, not so much because it looks fancy or that the architectural appeal is amazing, but more so the impact that it has on our community and how construction really is improving the country we live in and helping to fuel our economy.

I for one do not take for granted what construction brings to my life, my commute by road or rail to the offices I work in and the local café I frequent on my lunch break. I am proud of this amazing industry and I hope you are too!