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Do you need to be qualified to install a fire door?

Oct 9, 2020

For a fire door to perform as intended and offer that vital protection, they not only have to be manufactured in a certain way, they need to also be installed correctly. Any cracks or gaps between the door, frame, seal, or glass can allow flames and smoke to escape which defeats a fire doors job!

It is very important that only competent installers are responsible for fitting fire doors in any location, public spaces, homes, and businesses.

It is not a formal requirement for people who install fire doors to have any qualifications or accreditations, meaning anyone can do it, however it does not mean that they should.

The responsibility of installing fire doors is big, and it comes with a risk to lives. Any mistakes during installation could have devastating consequences in the event a fire was to break out.

There are many accreditations available for fire door installation which are useful for keeping up to date with changes and to ensure installation skills are sufficient.

Choosing an organisation that are part of an accredited installers scheme, gives reassurance to customers that the installers are competent, but more importantly it ensures that the doorset is as safe as it should be and that it will offer the protection it needs to, to  the people inside that building and to the property itself, in the event of a fire.

As an organisation Stemko offer a complete Supply & Install service. All our installers hold the BM TRADA Fire Door installation accreditation so you can trust that any fire doors we install will be done competently. We supply the doors and ironmongery as well, so we know that all our fire doors and the components that go with them are certified and suitable for the task. Our technical team can advise at quotation stage any help you need regarding fire doors and propose what we think is the best solution to ensure maximum safety.