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Fire Door Testing, CE Marking & Installation

Jun 24, 2020

When it comes to meeting the various legislative requirements for fire door installation and design, we understand our customers will be looking for some reassurance that the doors they are purchasing and installing will meet the necessary performance characteristics!

Assured performance specification came into force in September 2016 with the introduction of CE marking. This CE marking demonstrates that the correct materials have been used, which under UK legislation (Construction Products Regulations) is now mandatory for external fire doorsets and the fire door ironmongery. This legislation came into force in September 2019.

External fire doors should be Third Party Certified, and CE marked as appropriate. Third Party Certification is an extremely important part of the construction industry as it means that an independent organisation has reviewed the manufacturing processes of a product and certifies that it is to standard.

Internal fire doorsets may be called fire resistant if the complete design has been subjected to a full-scale fire resistance test to one of the current test standards:

  • BS 746: Part 22: 1987
  • BS EN 1634-1 – Fire
  • BS EN 1634-3 – Smoke

Q Mark fire Door Installation Certification

This is a Certification that demonstrates to specifiers, contractors, and end users that their chosen product has been installed to the correct safety standards and will perform as intended. This safety certification is just as important as even if the door is manufactured to fire door standards, if it is installed incorrectly it will not perform as intended.

We are proud to hold this certification so you can trust Stemko’s fit-out specialists to install your customers fire doors to Q-Mark BMTRADA standards!