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Infection Control With Automatic Door Operators

May 14, 2020

Studies show that 80% of infectious diseases are spread by touch, and that infection can last on hard surfaces for several days. As a result, there are a number of anticipated changes around the use of commercial and educational buildings, and how occupiers can be protected.

Recent reports suggest that Automatic Doors should be used wherever possible, and this is particularly important in common areas such as receptions, lift lobbies and toilets. Stemko Group have packaged some solutions for the automation of internal doors, which will allow for touch-free automation of your existing doors, reducing the possibility of cross contamination from door handles and push plates. This is particularly relevant for toilet entry and exit doors.

  • User Confidence – Peace of mind that door handles have not been touched.


  • Touch free – Sensors & controls and even for locking versions.


  • Retrospective Installation – Can be installed on existing doors


  • Options – Available on all colours and styles on NFR & Fire Doors


  • Hassle Free – Supplied & installed by our trained installers



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