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Just how secure is your building?

Sep 5, 2019

When it comes to improving the security in a building, lets start with the doors!

Steel security rated doors are designed to deterrent burglars, they look invincible for one, but secondly, their locking system makes them difficult to get into even with the best techniques and tools!

So here we look at the benefits of steel security doors.

Strength and durability

Steel is the most widely used material for the manufacture of security doors. They are extremely strong and durable and are built to last a lifetime. The accessories that come with steel doors are very resilient too; smart locks, deadlocks and mortise locks.

Locking system

Steel security doors come with multiple locks and a single locking system. It can be possible to connect them to your main security system which can be programmed to auto lock when you punch in your security code. If you are using a key with a steel security door, one turn can set multiple locks in place. Although timber doors can be fitted with multiple locks, they’re no substitute for steel when it comes to security.

Testing and standards

For a security door to become a security door they must go through rigorous testing. All our steel security doors are tested to EN14351-1 and come in a variety of security ratings all tested to meet the levels of SBD (Secured by Design):

  • BS1627 Level3
  • BS1627 Level 4
  • BS1627 Level 5

For more information, visit on our steel doorsets page.