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Why choose internal timber glazed screens for your buildings design?

Oct 7, 2019

Timber screens combine wood and glass to bring a modern aesthetic feel to the interior of a building whilst still using traditional timber. Older buildings, such as universities and hospitals are more suited to this look as it enables you to keep the traditional feel of the building itself whilst allowing a touch of modernisation and practicality.

They offer a physical but not a visual barrier, as well as sound control, a feeling of light and space, and a level of privacy if required.

Timber screens are available in hardwoods, softwoods, painted, or lacquered to enhance the real beauty of the timber and to tailor them to your desired aesthetic appeal.

Glazing also comes in a variety of options to suit your specific project. If privacy is required, an obscure glazed look would be perfect or alternatively, integral blinds can also be used in-between two panes of glass to allow privacy only when required. This option is a popular choice for meeting rooms and board rooms, offering flexibility on the level of privacy needed.

Timber glazed screens can also be manufactured to acoustic and fire resisting specifications. They’re particularly popular in the education, commercial and healthcare sectors, in applications such as lobby’s, corridors and partition walls.

A good example of where we often see these being used for their practicality, are in office meetings rooms, where a feeling of openness is required. Glazed timber screens can also be seen on hospital wards where patients can still be monitored by staff when they are not in the room with patients.

Whatever your project needs, we can advise on the best options available for your requirements as well as supply and install saving you time and keeping costs down.

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