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StemGuard Infection Control

May 6, 2020

There is now an increasing concern around the control of infection in the workplace with many businesses looking at a safe way to get back to work to protect visitors and staff.

 Studies show that 80% of infectious diseases are spread by touch, and that infections can last on some surfaces for several days. Door handles are a breeding ground for bacteria and infection, but our solutions are specifically designed to combat and reduce this risk.

 We have a range of solutions to help combat the spread of infection within the workplace.

Antimicrobial Protective Coating

Application of a specialist coating to new or existing doors and/or ironmongery to give permanent and continuous viral infection control. Once applied, it forms an antimicrobial ultra-thin glass layer, giving practically invisible hygiene and abrasion protection. It has been independently tested, and proven to give a physical, non-mutating 99.9% kill (known as full kill). It has successfully been tested on a wide range of bacteria, fungal infections, algae, yeasts, and viruses, including the TGEV Coronavirus and Influenza A.

Clarisafe Automatic Hand Sanitiser

Stemko Group are distributors of a brand-new product, Clarisafe. It can be added to existing access control systems and works by ensuring that both hands are treated with sanitising solution before allowing entry through automatic barriers or doors. This product can be incorporated into the design of new projects so that it can be hidden within surrounding walls/joinery items. The standard unit comes with a 2500ml tank, which will do in excess of 2000 applications. Bigger capacity tanks are available, up to 25000ml. These units are available either on a supply only or fully installed basis.

Further details of our new products can be found here https://stemkogroup.com/infection-control/

If you want to discuss any of the products and learn how Stemko Group can help you to protect your premises on your return to work contact our team on 020 33010546 or email us hello@stemkogroup.com