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The Critical Role Of A Fire Door

Sep 23, 2020

Fire doors are such an important piece of interior in any building, and although sometimes decorative to fit in with interior design, and used to separate one room from another, their main function is to save lives!!!


Fire Doors are designed to stop the spread of fire and smoke for a specified amount of time with the most common FD30 (30 minutes) and FD60 (60 minutes.

 Their main functions are:

  • To protect escape routes so people can evacuate safely
  • To protect the building and its contents (an insurance requirement)
  • To allow firefighters to extinguish the fire as safely as possible.

Issues with Fire Doors

Although fire Doors are made specifically with their job in mind and by this we talk about the thickness of the door and the internal core, the main reasons why a Fire Door would fail to do it’s job is down to 2 things.

Installation & Maintenance


Fire doors need to be installed correctly for them to work in the event of a fire. It is important to use a certified installers so you can be assured that they have been installed correctly and that they are fit for purpose.

We cannot stress the importance of using certified Fire Door installers. Cutting corners when it comes to safety should never been considered. 

 All Stemko installers hold the BM TRADA Q Mark, find out more about them here



As well as ensuring Fire Doors are installed correctly, they also need to be maintained on a regular basis to quickly spot any issues to they can be rectified immediately.When it comes to maintenance always use a company that are registered fire door inspectors to make sure the doors are kept in good working order.


If you would like more understanding into fire ratings, how we display them on our quotations, or information on fire door specifications in general, speak to us today. 


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