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Timber is the ideal material for internal doors

Sep 1, 2020

Timber has been used in the construction of doors for years, thousands of years! Not only does it look fantastic, it also has many other benefits.

What Makes Wood the Perfect Doorset Material?

The Vox Conference Centre, NEC


Timber is flexible and has the ability to respond well to changes in temperature and humidity so it can adjust naturally and move with its surroundings which reduces stress between architectural components limiting cracking, fractures, water ingress and condensation.

Aesthetic Appeal

Timber is beautiful and when stained or lacquered, the natural grain, texture and rich tones give doors amazing character and a look and feel that no man-made material can match. Even under paint its grain still shows its authentic natural look.

Naturally Insulates

Timber is a great at holding heat in, meaning money can be saved on energy bills

 Long Lasting

Timber is a durable, long lasting material that can also be repaired relatively easily.

Sustainable Product

When responsibly sourced it ensures no damage has been made to the environment.

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