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Top 5 Fire Door Safety Checks

Sep 21, 2020

A correctly installed, maintained, and fully working fire door is one of the most important aspects of overall fire safety in a commercial building. A fire door gives occupants more time to get out of a building, allows time for the fire service to arrive, protects a building from fire damage, and the most important of all, they saves lives!

Fire door maintenance is an important and often overlooked part of ensuring the door is doing its important role of protecting occupants from fire and cold smoke! If you notice something not quite right on a fire door in a commercial building, it is important to report it straight away so that the issues can be fixed immediately, whether this be repairs or replacement.

Here at Stemko we have put together the Top 5 Checks that should be done regularly to maintain a fully working fire door.

  • Fire Door Certification

Compatible and certified fire doors display the CE Mark. All door ironmongery must also be CE certified for a fire door to be safe.

  • Apertures

Altering a door to add grills and glazing apertures will make a fire certification void. 

  • Gaps & Seals

The gap around the door and frame must be constant, 3-4m minimum and door hinges must be screwed tight with no screws missing. Fire seals must be fitted to the top and bottom of the door. 

  • Door Closers

The closer must shut onto the latch from any position – check from 75mm from any position.

  • Operation

Check that all handles are working correctly, no loose screws or hinges, and the door shuts correctly around all parts of the frame.

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