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What makes up a doorset?

Mar 10, 2020

A door leaf is a single, independently moving panel of a door, and is the most common variety. It features a single panel that fills an entire doorway space.

Double-leaf doors have two panels that each open outward. These doors are used to block or allow access

A leaf and a half door consists of one full leaf, and then, half of a second leaf. These are often used where the door may need to open wider at times, to provide room to fit things through. The half leaf part of the door is usually flush bolted and therefore only opened when required.

A door frame in detail

Head – The head is the part of the door frame that sits horizontally to form the top of the frame.

Jambs – Refers to the vertical components that form the sides of the door frame.

Stops – The stops are what the door rests against when it is closed and are an integral part of the frame. In the case of door linings these are thin strips of wood that are mounted along the length of the jambs and head, to serve the same purpose.

Architrave – This refers to the decorative moulding on the outer most edge of the door frame or lining.

Cill or threshold – This is the bottom portion of an exterior door frame and is used internally when transitioning from one floor covering to another.

And not forgetting the extras….

Vision Panels – A vision panel is a small window in a door which allows people to see through it without having to open the door. 

Ironmongery – Also referred to as door hardware or door furniture. These parts consists of the mechanics of the door for example, handle, hinge, lock, door closers etc.

Intumescent Seals – These would be used on a fire door only. The strips come into play when the door is closed and subjected to heat. They seal around the door so that smoke cannot pass through.

Acoustic Seals – These seals are used on an acoustic door. They help to block out the passage of sound from one room to another.

Different styles – Flush, panelled, over panelled, louvered (steel doors)

Signage – Signage is used on fire doors, toilet doors or doors showing an exit route.